Strategic utilisation of information is the cornerstone of success for all business.

Wyzelink is a specialist consulting company providing business information solutions to a multitude of companies in varying industries. We have more than 25 years' experience assisting clients to improve their business performance through the effective implementation of Inventory Optimisation systems.

Our engagement with an organisation commences with an understanding of the companies business processes, their long and short term objectives and their current business information technology platforms.

Our ongoing relationship with our clients provides us with the opportunity to work closely with the business to assist in managing and optimising their product stock holding and mix and increasing their customer service levels without comprising their financial position.

Information is a key asset of today's business. To achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, companies must be able to quickly adapt to changes. Reduced time to decisions and actions is critical for improving quality, service and productivity. This makes the timely collection, transformation and distribution of reliable information a significant issue. 


In today's business environment, one of the barriers to increased productivity is aggregating data from a myriad of disparate sources, transforming it into meaningful information, and presenting it to decision makers timeously and in context most meaningful to them.

We assist our clients to improve their business performance through the effective use of factual information held within the business. This information is most often held in a multitude of disparate data systems. These often include Excel spreadsheets, Enterprise Resource Planning systems (Sales Order processing, Purchase Order Processing, Stock Management, Production Management, Financial Management), Customer Relationship Management systems (Sales, Service and Marketing Information), Human Resources systems (Payroll and Employee Management) and a host of other transactional systems.

We find that although companies have a vast amount of this transactional data they are not able to utilize the information correctly in the measurement of the business performance and hence the effective growth of the business.

It is our goal to assist our clients to overcome this issue and to transform themselves into lean, customer focused world class businesses.