Affordable and Functional Demand Forecasting, Inventory Optimisation and Replenishment.

Wyzestock is a web based software platform designed to provide companies with an in-depth understanding of their product sales patterns and future demand for their products. This enables companies to forecast their product demand correctly and to optimise their stock holding levels required to meet this demand by replenishing stock at the correct time and in the correct quantities without compromising customer service levels or exerting unnecessary strain on the company’s financial position by tying up capital in redundant or excess stock.

The Wyzestock Inventory Optimisation and Replenishment System seamlessly integrates with most ERP and POS systems, it is easily implemented, easy to use, very affordable and offers the following functionality


• Total Sales Value per historical periods

• Total Sales Gross Profit Value per historical periods 

• Total Unit Sales per historical sales periods

• Product contribution to total sales per historical periods 

• Total Units and Value of current Stock on Hand at the latest Cost Price 


• Industry Proven forecasting techniques providing product forecast for future periods


• Suggested replenishment plan per product, product group and supplier with optimum order quantities


• Excess Stock
• Surplus orders
• Stock outs
• Potential Stock outs
• Current Stock holding
• Model Stock holding


• ABC Classification
• on Hand
• on Sales Orders
• on Purchase Order
• Latest Cost
• Stock Value
• Category / Groups
• Optimum Order Qty
• Reorder Point
• Leadtime
• Model Stock
• Annual Usage
• Days cover
• Average sales / period
• Average GP / period
• Average units / period